Image result for SIDHAMULA   Nature's flawless piece with fluctuated bounties in the surroundings of the Sidhamulla at the separation of 25 KMs, far from Khandapada in the region of Nayagarh in the territory of Odisha gives a false representation of the relative inconsequentiality of the place. The precious stone blue waters of Mahanadi, the sprawling sands the angling vessels spotting the broad water surface, the divining fowls, the wonderful slopes and hillocks circumscribing the flanks and the greenery around move an imaginative guest to sing a tribute of the nature. The delicate breeze blowing over the undulated water makes the atmosphere lovely and along these lines encourages the guests. The quality of these various things of nature drive compellingly to set up camps of withdraw so the cacophony of this unlimited magnificence intrinsic in the surroundings of Sidhamulla can be held amicably by a fanatical nature darling and energetic holidayers. Consequently an ecotourism site has been proposed at a generally higher demeanor which is straightened between Mahukana Mundia and Malati Mundia. The overall feel at the site open the vista for encourage change as an unequaled vacationer goal without obstruction with nature. The place has additionally the additional preferred standpoint of nearness of a few different environments, which are very much secured and protected. The rich biodiversity of Hanumantia, Dengabahada, Barakhola, Mainsibndha and Manivadra Reserve Forests add to the recognizable proof of the place as a center point of ecotourism.