Daringibadi - A slope station, generally known as the "Kashmir of Odisha". It is the main place in the state where snowfall is recorded in winters. The place is skilled with thick timberland with wild creatures, Pine Jungles, Beautiful valleys and Plateaus specked with Coffee Gardens, Black pepper and Turmeric gardens. Individuals opposite different place of world visit Daringibadi to investigate its normal excellence and its rich social legacy. Daringbadi Nature Camp with Six quantities of Tribal cabins on slope top is an ideal door for individuals who are searching for quite a while off from the every day hurly-husky of city life. Overseen by the nearby network, the goal is an immaculate occasion spot with genuine kinds of neighborhood Odiya and Indian cooking. Social Eco-Tourism - Daringibadi is the local place that is known for a standout amongst the most crude clans of India "Kutia Kondhas". The Daringibadi-Belghar belt gives a look at the way of life of the acclaimed Kutia Kondha and Dongri Khond clan. Eco-visitors can taste their societies and customs amid their stay in the Eco-Cottages.


Unexplored land with scenic beauty, Daringbadi is one of the beautiful hill station in eastern ghat known as the Kashmir of Odisha. It is above 3000 feet from sea level and surrounded by thick rain forest, coffee garden and green valleys. Situated in tribal populated Kandhamal district of Odisha where 71% of lands is covered with forests. Generally mercury drops to zero in Daringbadi every winter. This is an ideal place for visitors, who wants some peace away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The wonderful slope station of Odisha and prominent traveler goal Daringbadi is God skilled with sublime magnificence. Daringbadi is conspicuous among visitor, it’s most requesting vacationer goal of the nation India likewise remote individuals love to investigate this city. Capturing pine wildernesses, espresso gardens, appealing precipitation woodlands with wild creatures and wonderful valleys and crushing magnificence of Daringbadi bring traveler consideration towards this place. This Tourist goal is arranged at a tallness of 915 m from ocean level that makes it a flawless summer resort where individuals serenely spend summer season. Amid occasion visitor wants to come here and invest a quality energy with their loved ones and experience the nature at this arrive on Daringbadi. Our select Daringbadi Tour Package Includes Accommodation (Hotel), Fooding ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ), All Transfers From Pickup point to Drop Point Covers All Major Sightseeing spots of Daringbadi.
Hill View Park

Hill view park is the major attraction of daringbadi with watch tower, a children park and much more. One can enjoy the view endless hills, beautiful vallyes, and the pine forests from its cradle. The fountain and the garden add colour to it.

Coffee Garden

Coffee Garden is another attractions of this hill station.Its is spread over 45 hectares of land and managed by soil Conservation Department, Goverment of Odisha. The Garden is covered with tall sliver Oak trees and twinning around the trunk and bark of the mighty tress are the little, hot black pepper creepers. The slience and shade of the garden is fascinating.

Pine Forests

The pine forest is two Kms away fromthe little trible town Daringbadi, towards the south. Tall pine green belt is spread on both sides of the road to Bamunigam. Plantation was made in the early serventies by the forest department. The Duluri river flows along the pine forest, enchancing the beauty of the landscpe. The river rolls over a stony bed, which attracts people for picnics.

Mdiubanda Waterfall

Mdiubanda Waterfall is deep inside the forest with breath taking splendor. It is located 15 kms away from Daringbadi on the way to Bamunigam.

Emu bird zoo

Emu bird zoo is 14 km from Daringbadi, there is Emu Farm at Dadubada. Emu is an Australian Bird, flightless and one of the largest flightless birds of the World. They stand up to a height of 6ft. One can see big flocks of Emu birds in the farm, a sight rare seen in the state.

Doluri river

Doluri river is 12 km from from nature valley resort. The River originates from the forest slopes of Daringbadi. One of the interesting trekking routes in the forests of Daringbadi. Doluri river is full of small natural beauties with falls providing a mesmerizing views and scenic beauties.


This is a very old temple about 100 years old situated in the river of raul in Jaleshpatta village of tumubibandha block of Kandhamal dist. Every year maha shivaratri is celebrate with thousands of devotees. This is a very beautiful place for tourist.


Barkahama is 62.9 km from nature valley resort. Barkahama Village is home to 20 families, who have been eking out their living by making Dhokra items.

Dasingbadi waterfall

Dasingbadi waterfall is 15 km from nature valley resort. Dasingbadi Waterfall is deep inside the forest with breath taking splendor.

Lovers point

Lovers point is 13 km from nature valley resort. There is another beautiful spot where river flows down the hills through huge black rocks within the dense last green forest.

Silent valley

Silent valley is 3.7 km from nature valley resort. It's awesome a place to view the Sunset, where you can see the Sun gradually sink behind the Hills.

Mandasaru valley

Mandasaru is magnificent Eco tourism Center of Odisha located 12 km from Daringbadi. It is home to an array of medicinal plants, animals and birds. Travel to Mandasaru that boasts of a beautiful valley and could become a Trekker's Paradise. It is also home to an array of medicinal plants, animals and birds.

Putudi waterfall

Putudi waterfall is situated at a distance of just 120 km from the place of Daringbadi. It is one of the Famous waterfalls in Orissa. The water of Putudi fall merges into River of Bada Saluki. The surrounding area of waterfall is covered by forest providing place for picnic.


Belghar Nature Camp is 113.6 km from Daringbadi Nature valley resort. Eco Tourists can visit the sanctuary which is another favorite tourist destination for travelers and nature lovers.


Taptapani is 115.7 km from Daringbadi Nature valley resort. The hot water from the natural spring of Taptapani is attributed with medicinal properties and can be bathed in at the pond created next to the hot spring. The hot spring is situated at the eastern slope of the eastern ghat at a crest of the hill with in the lush green forest having wide range of flora and fauna.


Jirang is 158 km from Daringbadi Nature valley resort. Buddhism which started as an off shoot of Hinduism in India has spread across the world to become the 4th largest religion in the world. There are many Buddhist monasteries in India which preach the peaceful teachings of Buddha. One such monastery is in Southern Odisha in Jirang.

Gopalpur sea beach

Gopalpur is 133.8 km from Daringbadi Nature valley resort. Gopalpur is amongst the popular beaches in Orissa. Gopalpur-on-Sea is a beautiful and small beach resort located along the Bay of Bengal in the eastern Indian state of Orissa.

Khasada waterfall

Khasada waterfall is 122 km from Daringbadi Nature valley resort. Khasada waterfall is a beautiful place. It is best for Picnic, Excursion & Weekend holidays. You can take a bath at the crystal clear waters and the waterfall isn’t too deep.


Rambha is 141.3 km from Daringbadi Nature valley resort. Dotted with many emerald green islands with colourful names such as Honeymoon Island and Breakfast Island, Chilika is home to a rich variety of aquatic fauna