Image result for satkosia sand resort   At Satkosia sands Resorts, Feel the Joy of investing evenings in the tents in the midst of the wild of thick and shady woods in your lawn. On opposite side, appreciate the peacefulness of charitable Mahanadi River wandering through the brilliant sand banks. The Whispering hints of the rippels of the streaming waterway, blended with the melodic twittering of winged animals advances through your lavish tents, reviving your mornings. The alert Call of spotted deer and samber outside the sun powered fencing of the camp influences one to understand that Satkosia is a Tiger Reserve all things considered. It's the wilderness of panthers , Dholes and Wild Cats. The Crocodiles Basking on the sands on a snowy morning, with the setting of rising sun is a photo that is genuine here. Look at the unmistakable twilight sky, breath in the new scent of wild blossoms and exprisions the glow of your comfortable tent at the satkosia sands resort.