Image result for BELGHAR NATURE CAMP   Excellence OF MOTHER NATURE-BELGHAR (KANDHAMAL) Belghar Nature Camp is arranged at a height of 2555 feet over the ocean in Kandhamal District. Belghar-Daringbadi is the place that is known for "Slopes and Waterfalls". Belghar is 158 Kms from region headquarter i.e. Phulbani. It is fundamentally occupied by a specific clan known as "Kutia Kandha". The tribals trust in age old conventions of hovel staying and sustenance gathering. Despite the fact that they are living in backwoods for a considerable length of time together yet they are neighborly and well disposed. Belghar is encompassed by transcending hillocks around. The thick woods is home to various uncommon imperiled types of creatures and plants. The pride of the timberland of Belghar is the since quite a while ago tusked Elephants that flourish bounty in the area. Numerous other littler warm blooded animal fauna like deer, wild hog, bear and so forth and assortments of feathered creatures viz: Hill Myna, Parrot, Peacocks and Flying Giant Squirrels are discovered which draws in the guests. The regular vegetation of the timberlands are lush trees which ascends to an extraordinary height.Winter is pleasant here which can be understanding from November to end of March. Overwhelming fog and dew are additionally common amid the winter season. Normal precipitation is 1382 mm. The enduring waterways and streams like "Pipili" and "Penaju Nala" are the water wellspring of Belghar. Among the hillocks one substantial prairie on the highest point of slope at "DIMILI" is an unquestionable requirement worth view point for the guests.
Five quantities of swiss cotage tents have been settled at Belghar Nature Camp accessible for the guests for night remain. Room administrations and caterings are given by the VSS gathering. The dense vegetation of the area is a host to a variety of flora and fauna. Wild elephants abound in this area which is inhabited mainly by tribal peoples.
JALLESPATTA:- Near Tumudibandha one Siva Temple is available inside the river. KOTHAGARH WILD LIFE SANCTUARY:- Kotagarh Wild Life Sanctuary forms a part of rich flora and fauna diversity with green lustrous forest and good network of perennial streams. LUDU WATERFALL:- This place is at a distance of 60 Kms away from Belghar in side dence forest of Kotagarh Wild Life Sanctuary.
From To Distance in Km (Approx.) Journey Time (Approx.) Bhubaneswar BELGHAR(KANDHAMAL) Via Bhanjanagar - Daringbadi 247 5 hours, 22 minutes