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Giant Squirrel Nature Camp (Tree House, Kaliamba): A Stay with the Giant Squirrels

Book a stay in the sumptuous Tree House or in the comfortable Forest Rest House at Kaliamba for a one of a kind Wildlife experience of remaining with Giant Squirrels. The Tree House gives a nearby perspective of those lovely animals settling on a similar Ficus Tree on which the house is roosted on. The Giant Squirrel with 2ft long beautiful tail and dim red hide on the superb slim body is seen bouncing and hopping from one branch to other of the trees in the grounds making boisterous calls . They rest in expansive globular homes of twigs and leaves with one entryway and every Giant Squirrel is seen assembling in excess of one home for it. The tree with the Tree House is home to 15 to 20 Giant Squirrels roosting on various branches and the Eco-Campus has more number of Giant Squirrels settling on trees . They once in a while leave the tree aside from pursuing its mating pair orelse for the most part observed living without anyone else shrouded and bashful. A long way from the rankling hordes of the city, the spotless and unpolluted condition of the nation town Kaliamba is certain to restore you. The very much ventilated Tree house is a perfect escape in the midst of natures loftiness. Remaining at a stature of 30 ft in the lap of nature you can encounter early morning fog and stars radiating through the windows combined with cold breeze.