Image result for SAPTASAJYA Saptasajya is one of the Eco-Spiritual/Eco-Tourism locales in the District of Dhenkanal. The name of Saptasajya is because of the combination of seven quantities of slopes with rich vegetation and nos. of perpetual streams shaping natural surroundings for an extensive variety of creatures, winged creatures. The elevation of slopes shifts from 300 Mt. to 586 Mt. from MSL. The woodland biodiversity has been additionally advanced with quantities of Medicinal herbs. As legend winning, it is trusted that, amid "Tretaya Yuga" Lord Ramachandra alongside spouse Sita and sibling Laxman had remained for seven days at Saptasajya in their outcast period. Amid "Dwapara Yuga" the "Pandavas" had spent some days at this place amid their "Agyanta Basa". Numerous Sadhus were honing "Yoga" in Saptasajya due its peacefulness, cool and hustle free environment. The "Saptasajya is an essential vacation destination for nearby and outside since numerous years. Individuals visit the site for their amusement and appreciate the cool wind, green shiny backwoods cover, running stream, wild creature and winged animals. A no. of travelers additionally visit the blessed sanctuary of Lord Ramachandra, Lord Shiva, Jay Hanuman and Navagraha arranged in the midst of the slope Range at a height of 300 Mt. from MSL. Yearly Mela Sri Ram Navami, is seen here which is gone to by a great many nearby and outcast aficionados.