Related image Balukhanda – Konark natural life asylum is deliberately situated along the marine drive street from Puri to Konark and is spread in a limited long fix more than 40.0km along the drift line. The whole stretch of the street alongside the seaside timberland and blue ocean turns into the purposes of fascination for the travelers round the year. The marine drive street from Puri to Konark or the other way around is driven by a great many sightseers/guests consistently. Nature Camp at Nuanai is found near Puri town i.e. 7 Kms from Puri town , inside the secured zone of Balukhanda – Konark untamed life asylum where the travelers can stay and appreciate the nature with better energy about the common conditions in the seaside territory. The place is encompassed with green waterfront timberland on the bank of the stream Nuanai near its conversion point with Bay of Bengal.