Situated in the outskirts of capital city of Bhubaneswar Chandaka Dampara wildlife sanctuary is an abode of Indian Elephants and many other fauna. The Chandaka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary, lies between 20°-12'-30" and 20°-26'-03” N Latitude and 85°49' 13" and 85°-34'-42" E Longitude in the Cuttack & Khurda District of Odisha. The sanctuary was notified vide notification no 8F (W) 16/82.35500/FFAH dated 21.12.1982. The total area extends over 193.39 Sq Km in two parts. Major area of 172.12 Sq Km lies in the Chandaka Dampara area and small area of 19.275 Sq Km in Bharatpur-Jagannath Prasad forests. The forests are dry deciduous with patches of Semi evergreen vegetation which has very good landscapes and sylvan surroundings.