Blackbuck Herd

Envision extensive tracts of Grasslands on the lower regions of undulating slopes with crowds of smooth Blackbucks escaping in a bouncing run with short dashes making cackling commotions. The Chermeria Nature Camp, Saluapalli Nature Camp and Bhanjanagar Nature Camp are the three goals which offers its guests an escape from the bounds of the city life into the eminent scene of Blackbucks. Those Golden Deer's in huge groups entrance the onlookers by their stupendous expressive development and boundless vitality. The Bhetnoi-Balipadar – Tanarda – Ramanda scene obliges almost 2500 Blackbucks, 40 to 50 Blackbucks in a single crowd can be seen searching and springing. The crowd for the most part have one ''alpha male'' with rest females. As they mate consistently, guests can without much of a stretch witness their intriguing mating conduct in which guys embrace ''Lekking'' as a technique to gather females. Battle between Blackbucks bolting their Cork-Screw horns is a sight worth seeing. Young & Adult Male Blackbuck And Peacock Not just Blackbucks, here nature darlings can absorb the joy of watching several peacocks up and down the scene. Breezes exploding into the fields connecting slopes the extent that your eyes can see and the hypnotizing starry sky of night alongwith a sumptuous remain in the Blackbuck Nature Camps give an interesting knowledge of life. The cordial administration by the administration gathering of nearby network and neighborhood/Indian delicacy served by them is a reward. In Odisha, other than the scene of Blackbuck Nature Camps you can see Blackbucks in Konark-Balukhand Sanctuary (Puri).
From To Distance in Km (Approx.) Journey Time (Approx.) Bhubaneswar BLACKBUCK NATURE CAMP (GANJAM) 167 3 hours, 37 minutes Cuttack BLACKBUCK NATURE CAMP (GANJAM) 191 4 hours, 12 minutes kolkata BLACKBUCK NATURE CAMP (GANJAM) 607 11 hours, 34 minutes